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Upgrade Your Restaurant By Adding Outdoor Space

Upgrade Your Restaurant By Adding Outdoor Space

If you own a restaurant you know rents are rising, food costs are erratic and wage increases are on the horizon. But the success of the business depends on meeting or exceeding a certain monetary goal each night, so what is a restaurant owner to do? Adding outdoor space can be a perfect solution: it increases the number of patrons you can serve and the upscale ambiance may lead to a higher ticket per table.

Increase Square Footage

Outdoor seating may help you win the constant battle for square footage. After accommodating food storage, kitchen area, prep zones and wait stations—then figuring on 12-20 square feet per customer—you can run out of space quickly.  Multiply your average ticket per table by the number of tables you can fit in the outdoor area and the anticipated turnover to calculate whether you can make renovating the space profitable. More customers served more quickly generally equals greater profit.

Enhance Comfort

Outdoor tables and chairs must be weather-resistant and easy to clean, but the more comfortable you can make the area the better. Put up outdoor roman shades for patio to protect patrons from the elements, such as harsh sunlight, excessive heat and light rain. Use shades that can withstand moderate wind and be retracted each night; they will last longer and look fresher.

Add Appeal

Curb appeal works for businesses just as it does for cute cottages with white picket fences, so turn your sidewalk or parking lot into part of your branding. There is an upscale sophisticated feel to alfresco dining, evoking summer evenings along the Amalfi Coast. If your view leaves something to be desired, transform it with the décor. Install planters filled with flowers and shrubs, adorn columns with string lights, delineate property limits with ornamental fencing. Attract a new demographic by allowing outdoor diners to sit with their furry friends; pet-friendly eateries around the globe can feel more inviting and are often more profitable than their dog-free competitors.


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