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With modern professional equipment in the field of blockages we face any kind of problem of small or large blockage giving a definitive solution. By using special diagnostic cameras, we are able to detect more water supply clogging the precise point of intervention.

The method of checking camera tubes is a non-invasive method and does not cause damage or damage to the tubes, and is the most proven method for checking and locating the source of the obstruction problem for more ΑΠΟΦΡΑΞΕΙΣ ΠΕΙΡΑΙΑΣ .

Why opt for Antonius blockades in Piraeus?

  • Because we have more than one mobile workshop 24 hours a day in Piraeus
  • Why we provide immediate coverage within 20 minutes wherever you are in Piraeus
  • Because we have fixed and low blockage prices starting at 20 euros
  • Because we have dozens of customers in Piraeus who trust us
  • We serve home and corporate customers in Piraeus
  • We have vertical services for clogging, water pumping, disinfection, plumbing and apartment building management.
  • We know your needs better because with our apartment management department we know exactly where the piping system is hurting today. And especially Piraeus, which is a very old residential complex, has its own particular problems
  • Finally, all of our technicians are experienced plumbers who deal exclusively with clogs and do no other work like many other plumbing crews. Our specialization from tools to know how is the best guarantee that your job will be done quickly and at the lowest cost.


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